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From a traumatic brain injury to the spotlight. 💡❤ Let's share our stories and spread hope.

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

B&W Profile portrait of dark haired woman in triple reflection.
Self Portrait - Katherine Dickson


How I went from: From a traumatic brain injury to the spotlight

When you first take a peek, it might appear mundane, ordinary, typical. Much like any other living being going about the routines of everyday life; preparing breakfast, tending to the house chores, taking the dogs for a walk, (back in the day... I used to get kids ready for school), bedtime, then back to it all over again.... But wait! In the middle of my day-to-day tasks, did I hear a cheery la la la - or was it the tap of a soft shoe?

From dropping the kids off at school, did I see Mom wearing a leotard (Oh no, please don't let her leave the car!, my kids would cry) where could she be going? Dance class? Audition? You bet it's both!

That's right, this mother is an Actress/Singer/Producer/Photographer/Filmmaker - Artist - and it goes hand-in-hand with the job. Katherine Dickson is my name, and I can't remember a time I wasn't involved in some artistic pursuit in some way.

Growing up in New York City allowed me to get exposed to music, film and theater from a young age, so I was sure that I wanted it to be a part of my life. It's one of the few things that make me happiest (other than my children, of course)! It's true that I've had some detours from my initial career goals; I was a Aux Police Officer in NYC, worked in the Insurance business, medical field, business and real estate. Despite my successes in these, I wouldn't say I was completely content.

Then, in 2001, I experienced a TBI (traumatic brain injury) which forever changed my life, and saved it. Not many of us comprehend how delicate life is or how fleeting our time on this Earth is until you confront your own mortality. The ordinary occurrences in life suddenly become prized moments, like making breakfast or sending the kids to school. Achieving one's full potential is not only a dream or a wish, but your true mission, and one you must pursue. My recuperation process has been hard, and still is. But, I'm working towards going from a traumatic brain injury to the spotlight.

Each day brings its own challenges, like struggling to regain things that used to come naturally - like balance, eyesight and memory. Yet, you persevere and strive to be who you were born to be, a journey I take on without fail, despite my inner fear. Stats say only one in eleven thousand of us can achieve success in the art world. I wonder how success was calculated? I have chosen to define my own, which is not by celebrity; that might never come. But in my eyes, success is measured in being honest with myself and with others while I do what I do. You know a bit about me now. If you take a closer look, you might determine that my life is not overly intricate.

Yet, it is filled with singular experiences I come across every day. Nothing is ever set in stone and I am unlike your average artist.

With this blog, I wish to answer any questions you may have about me. Let's chat about our stories, my story, your story. We can delight audiences and bring understanding with our accounts of reality. We can pass on the lessons we learn and bring hope. Help others to never give up; I'm here to offer encouragement and love. Life is demanding. But with determination, there are no unattainable goals. Is this something that interests you?

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