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Artist Statement

A little bit about me, I was born a singer-songwriter, grew up to become a filmmaker; and marry all the passion of my creativity into photography. I'm super detailed, purpose driven and a huge collaborator. I’ve been accused of being overly obsessed with the human condition and the need to uphold animals rights. I’d love nothing more than to spend every minute of my day telling stories; through music, pictures and with words. 

My world is colored through the lens of my disabilities. I am a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) survivor. In my work, I capture differently because I am different. It's in this strange balance between "uniqueness" and plain old "different" where all the beauty lives.

Picture Description: Smiling woman with short black hair sitting on large rocks sprinkled with fallen leaves. The season is Fall. She is wearing a long colorful skirt, black boots and black top.


The potent alchemy of talent ambition and resolve rarely communes with a disregard for fame, but in Katherine Dickson, a range of skills in directing, acting, singing and writing has produced a passion for the creative process, not the spotlight. – John Gaffney, Editor - Coastal Connecticut Media.


Katherine Dickson is a multidisciplinary artist.  Born in New York City in 1966.  She began her career as a child performer at the American Folk Theater Children Division. Originally, Katherine began her training in music, voice and theater arts attending the Hartford Conservatory and HB Studio; ultimately completing her education in film as a graduate of Quinnipiac University Film Institute Training Program and Lights Films Schools.

At age 19, Katherine competed in the Latin America spin off of Star Search “Buscando Estrellas”. In the decades that followed, Katherine has appeared in numerous theater productions and A-list blockbuster films. 

In 2010 Katherine founded Guapa Films.  As a Producer, she has brought forward award winning enlightened work by magnificent directors such as La Toma (2011/12) by Paola Mendoza. Collaboratively, she works in other areas of the industry, harnessing skills and credits in theater, photography and film. 


Some of these credits include producer for Your Love Is Giving Me Life (2020) by up an coming director Halo Rossetti, director/editor for You Didn’t Tell Me (2019), director/producer for Girls & Women Immigrant Project (2016) by Women In Film & Third News Reel, casting director for the award winning film, Brilliant Mistakes (2012) directed by Paul Brighton and wardrobe designer for award winning Local Commercial (2012) directed by Richard Dobbs. Katherine received her first theatrical production credits as assistant director for the Off Broadway play Thank You, But No directed by acclaimed director/actor Austin Pendleton and her director’s credit for Perry Guzzi’s play The New Hire (2013). Critical acclaim for the film Alma & Alex at the (2014) Cannes Films Festival. The film was written in partnership with friend and colleague Paola Mendoza. It stars Katherine and Juan Carlos Diaz of La Barberia fame. The film was completely produced by Guapa Films. 

In 2020, working alongside renowned producers Philip Caroll and Grammy winner Jeff Jones, Katherine executive produced and released her first EP titled EQUILIBRIUM on all major platforms. 

It is safe to say that she is creating a body of work that deconstructs the architecture of the expected. 

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2015 Recipient 

Women Making History Award