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Katherine Dickson's debut album, EQUILIBRIUM, is a testament to her unique blend of musical styles. Drawing on her background in classical Bel canto and musical theatre, Katherine infuses Pop, Rock with a touch of her Latin heritage, resulting in a mesmerizing listening experience.

Produced by Philip Carroll of Recording Artist Development, EQUILIBRIUM features both covers and original songs, each of which highlights Katherine's soaring soprano vocals and musical prowess. With Marcus Peña providing musical support on covers such as She Used To Be Mine and Something About You, and Briana Bradley on originals You Said You Didn't Know Me and New Salem, Katherine expertly navigates a diverse range of genres and moods.

From the irresistible rhythm of her original track, New Salem, to the emotive vocals of her cover of Easy, Katherine's EQUILIBRIUM is a testament to the power of artistic collaboration and creative fusion. For anyone seeking a truly original musical experience, Katherine Dickson's debut album is not to be missed.

Katherine Dickson's new album, EQUILIBRIUM, is a mixture of Pop, Rock, and Latin music. It promises to be a fun and musical adventure for listeners.


Origin: New York City

Genre: Pop, Rock, Latin

Producer: Philip Carroll

Label: Independent

Official Websites:


Artistic Statement:


The making of EQUILIBRIUM was a journey unlike any other. With my dear friends Marcus Peña and Briana Bradley by my side, we set out to create something special - something that would excite the senses and make listeners feel as though they were part of a grand musical adventure.

Together, we blended Pop, Rock, and Latin music to create a truly unique sound. And with the help of the talented Philip Carroll of Recording Artist Development, we were able to take our musical vision to the next level.

My Latin background played a significant role in the creation of this musical masterpiece. With the incorporation of Caribbean beats and instruments like the cuatro, banjo, didgeridoo, viola, guitar, and "petite" piano, we were able to fuse together various musical elements to create an entirely new and thrilling experience.

Listening to EQUILIBRIUM is like going on a harmonious voyage - each track takes you to new and exciting places. Whether it's the energy of a Pop-infused tune or the soulful vibes of a Latin ballad, every song is a musical adventure that is sure to captivate the senses.

It was truly an honor to work on this project alongside my talented friends and musicians. And now, I can't wait to share this musical journey with all of you. Get ready to experience EQUILIBRIUM - the musical adventure of a lifetime! - KD


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Katherine Dickson performs with true conviction. A strong singer.

                                                             - NewsTimes

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