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Origin: New York City

Genre: Pop, Rock, Latin

Producer: Philip Carroll

Label: Independent

Official Websites:

Katherine Dickson is a soprano singer-songwriter with roots in classical Bel canto music and musical theater.  Her debut album EQUILIBRIUM is a harmony of Pop, Rock and Latin covers and original songs. She brings her experience on the stage and film to arrange fresh melodic storytelling.

Her collaborative work with Producer, Philip Carroll of Recording Artist Development united her with musician friends Marcus Peña on the covers She Used To Be Mine/Something About You and Briana Bradley on originals You Said You Didn't Know Me/ New Salem . Katherine explored her Latin background and musical influences to marinate these songs with beats and sounds rooted deep in her native Caribbean traditions. Unique pairing of instruments like the cuatro, banjo, didgeridoo, viola, guitar and "petite" piano are weaved throughout to achieve the rhythms that with sweat surprise; flow from one song to the next; perfectly connecting. 

"Katherine Dickson performs with true conviction. A strong singer.

                                                             - NewsTimes

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