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CUERPO - Series

Project Type

Fine Art Photography


Dec 31, 2022





Project type

Fine Art

Artist Statement:
Cuerpo is an assembly that delves into the path we take to a feeling of contentment. Each image works to bring forth our courage, resilience, poise and vigor, as well as its consequences and sway over our society. As we strive to produce progressive transformation, it is important that we push away our inherent views of 'ordinary' and welcome diverseness in all its magnitudes. This series stands as a never-ending venture honoring our being - a celebration of who we are.

As I was working on creating this series; I re-visited journal entries from my past. These entires spoke to me in whispers. Reminding me of the path to recovery endured during my TBI. The road has been long. Throughout, I've learned a great deal about endurance and the ability to find humor in the darkest of situations. Mostly, I learned that my body is an incredible processor capable of wondrous transformation. - KD

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