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HARMONICUS VINCULUM (Harmonious Bond) - Triptych Series

Project Type



May 2023





Project type

Fine Art

Artistic Statement:

In Harmonicus Vinculum, I explore the intense emotional connection between a woman and her beloved dog in an ethereal magical forrest. My goal is to express the power harmony plays in this unique relationship. I emphasize balance and symmetry to signify the innate unity between the two. The woman and her pet remain at the center of the frame, conveying an understanding and mutual love through their gaze. The luminescent butterflies and fireflies represent the foliage and allude to the fleeting yet enduring nature of love and its delicate beauty.

Harmonicus Vinculum offers viewers an opportunity to recognize the potency of relationships between humans and animals, along with the impact this relationship has on nature. These pieces invites us to ponder the special tenderness, trust, and unconditional love found within these unions and appreciate the strength and healing potential of nature in all its forms.

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