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IN THE LIGHT - Triptych Series

Project Type

Fine Art Photography


Dec 31, 2022





Project type

Fine Art

Artistic Statement:

As I walked through the city one night, my eyes darted around, seeking out the absurd in every corner. My mission was clear - I wanted to see things in a new light, a perspective that was often overlooked.

But as I journeyed on, I began to realize something odd. Everywhere I turned, people were looking at me strangely. Was it my bright green shirt? The quirky hat perched atop my head? Or maybe it was just my own eagerness, my need to seek out the unexpected, that was causing all this commotion.

And then it hit me - I looked like a Grinch. Or a Grimace. Or some other fantastical creature straight out of a children's book. But instead of feeling self-conscious, I couldn't help but grin. After all, it was in these absurd moments that I felt most alive, most in touch with the world around me.

As the sun began to set, I paused, my green t-shirt a bright beacon in the fading light. And as I stood there, watching the world go by, I realized something important - it wasn't the outer light that shone brightest. It was the light inside each and every one of us, a spark that fueled our curiosity and passion for the absurd.

So with that realization, I took a deep breath, and set out into the night, my heart brimming with the promise of adventure, and my spirit lit from within. - KD

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