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SANGRE TAINO - Triptych Series

Project Type



Feb 28, 2023





Project type

Fine Art

Artistic Statement:
What if our world was never changed by the “great” explorers of the 16th century? 🤔 How would history have unfolded differently if exploration hadn't opened up new lands for settlement and colonization?

It is impossible to predict precisely what the consequences would have been had the world never been explored, but it is almost certain that immigration would not be the intricate and difficult issue it is today. Exploration sparked mass migrations of people, giving them a reason to travel longer distances, trading and becoming acquainted with various cultures. Unfortunately, exploration is commonly associated with plunder and invasion, creating the impression that foreign individuals are unwelcome or have to conform to a certain set of ideals in order to gain access. This sentiment has become even more intense with current "zero-tolerance" immigration policies in some places, leading to countless families being separated for long periods of time.

Not only did exploration bring about this negative connotation, but it also caused a widespread ignorance of different peoples, cultures, and languages. This perpetuated unfair stereotypes, influencing our interpretation of those from other countries and the manner in which we view immigration. Moreover, indigenous populations were commonly treated with prejudice and ill-treatment during the time of exploration, paving the way for the present-day racism and xenophobia towards immigrants.
Moreover, exploration instilled a robust sense of patriotism and fostered the concept of "us" versus "them" when dealing with immigrants and foreign nations. This has brought on a plethora of troubles for asylum seekers, as they frequently have to endure an overpowering feeling of bias and skepticism.

I am a passionate Latina from the Dominican Republic with a mission to share my heritage and empower others to keep moving forward. As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, I strive to raise awareness about the unique experiences and struggles faced by refugees and immigrants and people with disabilities. Through activism and advocacy, I hope to be an inspiration for those who have similar backgrounds to my own; and act as a progressive adventurer of human emotions to construct a more accepting and open-minded society.

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