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Another Win For Sangre Taino!

"🏆 'Sangre Taino' Receives Honorable Mention in 2023 IPA Deeper Perspectives Awards: Celebrating Culture's Vibrant Heritage 🌟"

📣 It is with immense pleasure that I share the incredible news that 'Sangre Taino' has been granted an Honorable Mention in the Culture category of the prestigious 2023 IPA Deeper Perspectives Award. This recognition fills me with gratitude, and I cannot adequately express my appreciation to the IPA and its distinguished jury for acknowledging the significance of this project.

'Sangre Taino' is a labor of love that dives deep into the rich tapestry of culture, capturing the essence and heritage of the Taino people. Through this work, I aimed to shed light on the remarkable history, traditions, and stories that have shaped our world.

This accolade serves as a tremendous validation of the countless hours of research, creativity, and passion poured into 'Sangre Taino.' It is an affirmation of the importance of preserving and celebrating cultural diversity, and I'm humbled to be part of a community that values these endeavors.

Portrait of Indigenous Taino Tribe woman wearing a red dress on the shoreline, watching a majestic ship sail away. The scene: A ship with five other indigenous womenstruggling to disembark from the vessel.
Portrait of Indigenous Taino Tribe woman wearing a red dress runs on the shoreline, watching a majestic ship sail away. The scene: ship with white sails casting off upon the water, while five other Indigenous women struggle to disembark from the vessel.

I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey – family, friends, colleagues, and fellow artists. Your encouragement has been a driving force, pushing me to push the boundaries of creativity and explore the deeper perspectives that make our world so vibrant.

To those who connected with 'Sangre Taino' and found resonance in its message, I share this recognition with you. Together, we celebrate the power of culture, the beauty of storytelling, and the significance of preserving our heritage.

As I reflect on this moment, I'm inspired to continue the exploration, to delve even deeper into the diverse facets of culture, and to create art that resonates and makes a difference. This Honorable Mention is not just an accolade; it's an invitation to keep pushing the boundaries and reaching for new horizons.

Thank you, IPA, for this incredible honor. Thank you, esteemed judges, for recognizing 'Sangre Taino.' And thank you to everyone who believes in the importance of preserving and celebrating our cultural roots.

Here's to the deeper perspectives that enrich our lives and the beautiful journey of artistic exploration ahead! To purchase prints Click here to Buy 🙏🎨 #IPA2023 #SangreTaino #DeeperPerspectives #HonorableMention

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